Friday, March 20, 2020

Virtual Learning for 3/20/2020

Good Morning 4/5!
Today is Friday, March 20, 2020 (so many 20's)-

Morning meeting will be this morning at 8:30, follow the link below to join us.

Meeting ID: 854 135 413

Today's assignments:
DOL: Friday Week 22
4th GRADE MATH: 45 minutes of Redbird (send me a picture of your notebook)
5TH GRADE MATH: Check Mr. S' page
PBL: Reflection in your reflection notebook-The title is “WPG Reflection” 3/20
Answer the following questions…This should be 3 different paragraphs.

What was the most challenging crisis and why?
What did you learn about working together and how did you learn that?
What will you remember/favorite memories?
MUSIC: Create your own kitchen band (with an adult’s permission, of course!) and find a way to play on pots and pans and other (safe) materials found in your kitchen. Can you play loud and soft? Can you play fast and slow? Can you find high sounds and low sounds?
GYM: 10 push-ups, 10 curl-ups, 10 sec plank, Crab-walk and bear crawl across a room.

Make sure you are keeping up with your reading book club things. The schedule for bookclub meetings will be up the week after Spring Break. Tentatively: Group 1- Monday, Group 2- Tuesday, Group 3- Wednesday, Group 4- Thursday.

The "school day" is "over" today at 1:20. Please email me or comment any questions you may have throughout the day today.

Have a wonderful, healthy, safe SPRING BREAK!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Virtual Learning for 3/19/2020

Good Morning 4/5,

Today is Thursday, March 19th, 2020.

Follow the link for Morning meeting at 8:30:

Math- 5th graders follow Mr. S' plans on the 5th grade math Google Classroom.
4th graders complete 45 minutes on Redbird Lessons, and again send me a picture of your redbird notebook. (This was best accomplished by parents taking a photo and emailing it to me.)

Please open a Google Doc, date the top of the paper, and title it "Reading Strategy- Prediction for 3/19/2020"
Make one prediction for the story you are reading (could be your bookclub book, or another), and make sure you add text evidence. Example: I think that ____ will happen next because on page ______, __________ happened/was said.

Remember to keep working on your reading bookclub book/ notebook entry. Groups will meet the week AFTER Spring Break.

Writing- Complete a story mountain for your adventure story in your graphic organizer (page 3).
Complete Thursday of week 22. I will hold an online meeting around 1:00 to discuss DOL. I'll put the link in the comments. Just follow the link to join the online meeting. During this online meeting I'll also be available to answer any questions about any work thus far.

Please READ the following news article:

Please open a Google Doc, date the top of the page 3/19, and title it: "NASA discovers a new planet- Reflection"
Answer the following questions in your reflection :

1. What is something new/interesting that you learned from this article?
2. What is something you'd like to be known for discovering?
3. How do you think this discovery could help the people of Earth?

Music: Sing your favorite song to a family member, a pet, or a stuffed animal.
Physical Education: Draw your own Blackout Course on a sheet of paper.
Drama:Goal: Identify what movie trailers do to make people want to see the movie.

Why we are doing this: Our final project in drama this trimester will be to make trailers for your adventure story.

Watch 3 different trailers for movies.

Wreck it Ralph 2

Wallace and Gromit


Complete a See/Hear-Think-Wonder and email to Mr. Burkey:

Write down which movies you watched trailers for.

See/Hear: List 10 things you noticed in the trailers

See/hear: List 5 things you noticed in more than one of the trailers

Think: Why do you think the trailer makers chose these parts of the movie and left out other parts?

Wonder: What do you wonder about the movies these trailers are advertising?

It would be great to write up your See, Think, Wonder in your reflection notebook.

Again, the Google Classroom should only be used for learning and NOT for chatting, making funny posts, etc...

Thanks Everyone!

Miss Hernandez

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

virtual learning 3 18 2020

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020
Welcome to Virtual Learning 4/5!
I hope everyone is healthy and ready for the day. I will be holding a Google Hangouts Meet at 8:30 for morning meeting. We will go through celebrations, concerns, and well-wishes. To access this meet, join this Google Calendar invite:
I will be live at this time to join in the morning meeting fun!

5th grade math: see Mr. Scharenbroch's Math Google Classroom for more details.
4th grade math: Please complete 45 minutes of Redbird Lessons. Remember, you must work through the problems in your Redbird notebook, as I will be looking at these. Have parents take a snapshot of your page(s) and share it with me when you're done.

Reading: You should start your reading bookclub book today. Many of you have about 25 pages to read per week. The week after Spring Break I will set meeting times to meet with each group's book club. All students should be filling in questions, predictions, summary, etc... in the reading notebook as you read.
Next, please do the first page Reflection for the Reading Group and answer the following questions within it.

What are you excited about within this book?
Do you have any concerns?
What do you think are the elements within this book that make it an adventure book?
Those students using System 44 should complete your online lesson and workbook page for today.

This week's reading strategy will be predicting. In a Google doc, I would like to see a prediction for a story you are reading (could be your bookclub book). This prediction should include text evidence to support your prediction (ex: I feel like this could happen next because on page 6 this specific thing happens, etc...). Share this Google doc with me.

Writing: Complete page 2 in your graphic organizer which deals with creating the setting, conflict, and resolution of your story. 

Greek and Latin Stems: This week's stem is "aqu/a".
DOL: Complete Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of week 22 DOL page. Please take a snapshot of your completed DOL sentences and share to me.

PBL: Please read this article: about the Coronavirus.
After you have read it, in your reflection notebook, I would like you to respond to the following questions:
Label the top (3/17) and “Coronavirus Reflection.” Have at least 5 sentences.

What is surprising or new to you?
What are we doing to stop this from getting worse?
How do you think the world could work together to make this threat go away quicker?

Music: Go outside and listen to nature’s music. What did you hear?
Physical Education: Get outside and get active. Run, Jump, Play!

I look forward to a fun day of learning with y'all! Miss ya already!

Miss Hernandez

Monday, February 10, 2020


Hello E'tude Families,

This week will be busy and exciting in 4/5! 

Students will be working on writing a paper about their country they have researched.  It will cover the 4 lenses of social studies: economy, geography, government, and culture.  This week we will be editing these papers: self-edit, peer-edit, and adult-edit. 

Students will continue to read their bookclub books and write about the reading in their reading notebooks. 

Phonics: We will continue with another phonics lesson with spelling patterns. 

PBL:  The world peace games are shaping up, as we have our groups, country names, biome, government and roles within that, as well as some very creative flag designs.  

Math- The 4th graders are working hard on equivalent fractions, ordering fractions, and comparing fractions this week.  I'm looking to have the topic 11 test by the end of the week.

As you know, this Friday is Valentines Day.  We will be making/designing our Valentines Day boxes during art this week.  Please send your student with a shoebox, empty kleenex box, or other box of the like to be decorated.  I have boxes as well, if you don't have one.  We will have a small Valentine celebration Friday, at the end of the day, where they may pass out Valentines to their classmates.  

There are 30 students in our class.  I will send home a class list this week.  

Thank You,

Miss Hernandez

(p.s. Blogging is new to me, so my apologies for not being as diligent with them. It is something
I'm working on, to be sure.) 

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

week of 1/6 -1/10

     This week we will be working on researching through the four lenses about our countries.  Students will have home learning each night to take notes from their research books about the government, economy, culture, and geography of their country.  I will also give them time in class to research this information.  Their notes should be written in their lime green graphic organizer.  Our research library books will be due back to the Mead Public Library on the 14th of January.  This gives us a short window in which to get as much information from them as possible.  Students may also use the culture grams website posted on my Google classroom feed (the username and password are also posted). 

     Next week we will be heading to the John Michael Kohler Arts Center to see the Middle School EOL's on music and engineering.  I have sent home a blue permission slip that I would like to see back by this Friday. 

     I have also sent home a bright green form from the dental clinic that will be held, here at school.  I need a slip back from EVERYONE even if you are NOT electing to use the dental clinic. 

     Please check emails for updates for the upcoming STAR test date, as that has changed from today. 

Monday, December 16, 2019

12/16- 12/20

Hello E'tude Families,

This week is going to be filled with many exciting things.  I just wanted to make you aware of the changes and things happening this week:

Tuesday: we will be headed to the Mead Public Library on the city bus.  Please remind students of appropriate bus behavior (sitting, and talking only loud enough for those around you to hear).  We are going to the library to pick out books for our country research.  
We will still have gym, but it will be at the end of the day 2-2:30.  Students will still need to bring/ have gym shoes. 

Library books need to be brought back Tuesday, for our Wednesday library time. 

Wednesday:  We will go to the school library at 10:30 instead of our normal 8:30 time.  

Thursday: Mr. Burke is having a guest speaker come speak to the students from the "Gameboard", here in Sheboygan from 12:30-1:30.  
We will also get together with our 2/3 buddy class to make Holiday cards.

Friday:  This is our indoor/pajama day celebration.  Students may wear pajamas to school this day.  We will have early release this day as well at 1:20.  

Then we will be out for Winter break from 1:20 Friday, until January 2nd!

Have a wonderful holiday, and thank you for all you do to help our kids be successful!!!

Miss Hernandez

Friday, December 6, 2019


Hello E'tude Families,

Today, Friday Dec. 6th, report cards will be coming home with your student.  Along with this will be a permission slip to go to the Mead Public Library December 17th to check out books for researching their countries. 
At the beginning of the year I had MPL card applications available for students that do not already have their own library card.  These applications actually need to be completed at the library itself, as I am unable to sign up for cards for the students. 
That being said, please make sure that your student has a library card without fines ready to go before our field trip. 

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Week of 11/4-11/8

Hello E'tude Families,

This week students are working on making sure they've got their trimester's work finished, as EOL's are next Friday.  Here is a short list of things they should have completed by next Friday:

DOL: weeks 1-9
Greek and Latin Stems:
week 1: bio
week 2: com
week 3: omni
week 4: herbi
week 5: carn
week 6: ambul
week 7: dur
week 8: ex
week 9: xyl
week 10: odor

Graphic Novel plans:
-complete 35 panels
-self edited
-peer edited
-adult edited

Bee sculptures painted yellow and black, with wire legs, wings, antennae attached.

4th Grade Math:  Topics 1-5 complete

Don't forget to sign up on Skyward for your POL time ASAP, as time slots are filling quickly!

Miss Hernandez

Monday, October 28, 2019

Hello E'tude Families:

This week we have a lot of interesting things planned.  This Monday, students will have a short ALICE drill lesson presented by Mrs. Griffiths.  She will cover what is expected of students should there be a school intruder.  This Wednesday, we will have an ALICE DRILL. Again, it will just be a drill.

Monday will be a school-wide fire drill, including E'tude and Pigeon River Elementary Schools.

In art class this week, students will begin painting their bee/wasp sculptures as well as refining their bee/wasp scientific drawings.

Reminder: please send students with appropriate weather gear as it is getting colder!  They are required to have weather -appropriate jackets, sweatshirts, hats, gloves, etc... and will be asked to sit inside if they are not prepared.

Halloween is this Thursday. We do not allow costumes of any kind at school.

Here are some fun pictures from our trip to Maywood, October 17th! (More pictures have been posted to the E'tude Group Facebook and Instagram pages)

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hello E'tude families!

This is a short week, as there is no school on Friday, October 25th for Fall break. 

We have started our final art projects for the bee and wasp unit.  Many students have chosen to make paper mache bees and wasps, and they are turning out so great!  Some of the students chose to make a really nice final scientific bee and wasp drawings with shading, color, and labels. 

We have also started our final project for PBL.  About 1/2 the students chose to make a bee hive, and the other 1/2 chose to create a new garden for the front of E'tude, with the motive of attracting and sustaining bee populations.  For those students that will be creating a garden, this Thursday we will have a gardening expert to come and talk with the kids about gardening for the benefit of bees and wasps. 

In addition to the garden expert, on Thursday, the students will be learning a little more about one of our students, Mason's, condition and how we can all understand and empathize with his needs.  I know many kids are curious and this will be a nice way to educate them, and celebrate their friend at the same time.  He is bringing in a special treat at 1:00 that day.  Please encourage your child to wear blue, in honor of POTS, that day. 

Again, if your student could bring in a wire hanger for their bee/wasp sculpture, that would be great. 

Our weekly commitment is to listen to the chime signal and follow through with chime expectations.  Our class tends to be very chatty, and the chime is a great way to call attention quickly and efficiently, if it expectations are followed. 

Monday, October 14, 2019

Good Morning E'tude families!

I apologize for not posting on my blog these past few weeks.  I will post each week, with updates, news, or any other important/exciting information.

Last Friday an envelope was placed in your child's mailbox, at school.  This envelope is addressed to the parent or guardian, and should only be opened by them.  It contains your student's Forward Exam scores from last year. 

I have been very pleased with the level of work for home learning so far.  I will have students write it in their student planners, each week, along with an example for what they should do. 

There are many of the students that are choosing to create a sculpture of a bee and wasp.  To make the legs of the critter, we will need some wire hangers.  I have about 30 hangers already, but it would help if each student, that is making a sculpture, could also bring in at least 1 wire hanger.  We hope to be making these this week!  The other choice of art project is to draw a scientific drawing of a bee and wasp. 

We are working on posters to present our bee and wasp research this week, and will present what we learned to the class on Wednesday and Thursday. 

Just a reminder, it is starting to get cold!  Send your student with warm clothes, and weather-appropriate outerwear.